Festival Bam! 2016 > 09 -18 Sep > La Roche en Ardennes


Philosophical discussions, concerts, art, visual performances and a wealth of genres and styles await you in La Roche-en Ardenne from 09 to 18/09/16!

The latest edition of this multidisciplinary festival will take over the town and showcase art, culture and music. The aim of the festival is to feature an abundance of colour, genre and routes. A simple idea that starts with letting yourself be carried away by art.

Whichever path it takes you on, types of art that you should expect to see will include: ephemeral art, street art, comic strips, pop art, minimal art, happening art, abstract art… but also:

Paintings, photos, engravings, mixed techniques, sculptures, equipment etc. in addition to 5 or 6 philosophical discussions, which will enrich the 10 cultural days.

The city will open the doors of its public places and heritage spots, businesses, cellars, in addition to the spaces that the inhabitants have opened up for the public.




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